The Externship

The Externship is a mentorship program for emerging artists. Three selected mentors, Les Territoires’ team and several guest speakers and teachers follow six emerging artists during a six-month program of workshops and training aimed at developing their careers. The program concentrates on the development of artistic practice (critiques, studio visits, short residencies) and also helps to develop professional skills (grant writing, accounting, project and financial management, sales and marketing and more).

The Externship is an adaptive program and evolves with the needs of its participants. Its objective is to help emerging artists find an efficient working balance between creation, promotion and the administration of their careers. The program’s core is structured around bi-weekly meetings over 6 months, with special workshops to address specific topics relevant to its participating members.

Mentorship Formula

The Externship is headed by three mentors working in Quebec’s visual arts. The mentors accompany artists in the development of one project, through regular meetings. This method of partnership creates an open platform for sharing ideas and experience between artists of different generations.