Externship 2017 (left to right) : Bogdan Stoica, David Martineau Lachance, Laurence Hervieux-Gosselin, Marie-Claude Landry, Evergon, Kevin Beaulieu, Laurence Pilon, Karen Tam and Cindy Phenix.

Externship 2017 (left to right) : Bogdan Stoica, David Martineau Lachance, Laurence Hervieux-Gosselin, Marie-Claude Landry, Evergon, Kevin Beaulieu, Laurence Pilon, Karen Tam and Cindy Phenix.


The Externship aims at creating a platform where different generations of artists can share their knowledge and support each other. Mentors contribute their expertise and accompany participating artists in the development of a project through regular meetings. Studio and museum visits, professional development workshops (accounting, communications and public relations, grant writing) and the open format of critiques and mentoring have made the program’s 2017 edition a success!

The Externship 2017 was headed by artists Evergon and Karen Tam, the Curator of collections for the Musée d’Art de Joliette, Marie-Claude Landry.





Evergon is an important figure in contemporary photography. His work speaks to representations of homosexuality through a discourse challenging preconceived ideas. Masculine sexuality is often depicted in his work in a raw but truthful manner. His unusual use of the Polaroid has opened the way to new methods in the photographic practice. Evergon lives and works in Montreal where he has taught photography at Concordia University for many years. His work has been largely distributed in Canada, the United States but also internationally (China, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Australia and France).

@Liam Maloney

@Liam Maloney

Karen Tam

Karen Tam is an artist whose research examines the various forms of constructions and imaginations of cultures through installations in which she recreates the spaces of Chinese restaurant, karaoke lounges, opium dens, curio shops and other sites of cultural encounters. She has exhibited in Canada, Ireland, Great Britain, Austria and the U.S. Tam lives and works in Montreal and obtained a doctorate in Cultural Studies from Goldsmith (University of London). She is a contributor to Alison Hulme (ed.) 'The Changing Landscape of China’s Consumerism' (2014) and to John Jung’s 'Sweet and Sour: Life in Chinese Family Restaurant' (2010).


Marie-Claude Landry

Marie-Claude Landry is Curator of Collections at Musée d’art de Joliette since 2017. She has worked amongst various Montreal museums and maisons de la culture. Amongst her curatorial projects, Milutin Gubash, Consolation, Les faux-semblants. She has, to this day, coordinated over 30 exhibitions including Trafic’Art : Les formes du temps. She was member of the jury for Quebec Sobey Art Award in 2013, sat on several boards of directors and different selections committees and participated in many publications.




Bogdan Stoica

A young Canadian filmmaker of Romanian descent, Bogdan Stoica holds a bachelor's degree in film and photography, as well as a Master of fine arts degree in photography. In addition to his activity as a film author, Bogdan is a director of photography and a visual artist. His aesthetic approach touches the boundaries between documentation and fictionalization, and he shows a particular interest in conceptual issues like ethics, sharing and otherness. His first full-length documentary, OMNI: AN ACT AGAINST GRAVITY (2017), made its World Premiere at the renowned HotDocs Canadian International Documentary Festival in 2018.


Cindy Phenix

Cindy Phenix lives and works in Montreal. As part of her artistic practice she creates paintings, drawing and sculptural installations. She obtained her bachelor's degree in fine arts form Concordia University in 2016. Cindy partook in many groups exhibitions across Canada. She was a finalist in the RBC Canadian Painting Competition in 2015 and her work was exhibited at the Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver.


David Martineau Lachance

David Martineau Lachance was born and works in Quebec city. He is currently completing a BFA in Film Studies and Film Animation (Concordia University) and in Visual and Media Arts (MA, UQAM). Since 2012, his work video art and digital printing has been exhibited in many public and private institutions (MACBSP, Sagamie, FOFA, SKOL) and projected in several international festivals since 20016 (Berlin Zebra, Fantasia, CinemaDaMare).   


Laurence Hervieux-Gosselin

Laurence Hervieux-Gosselin (1991) is an emerging photographer based in Montreal. She studied scriptwriting and communications at Université du Québec à Montréal and has a BFA in Photography from Concordia University. She is currently an MFA candidate in Art Photography at the College of Visual and Performing Arts of Syracuse University. Her work has been shown at DNC Gallery in Los Angeles in 2016 and at The Old Truman Brewery in London in 2014.


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Laurence Pilon

Laurence Pilon completed her BFA at Concordia University with great distinction (2015). She has since pursued a painting practice in Montreal. Her work has been featured in solo, duo and collective exhibitions. Following the Externship 2017’s edition, Laurence is involved in Les Territoires’ board of directors.                                                                     


Kevin Beaulieu